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wolf's kompaktkiste: 'contact'

. 'contact' .

• you are an artist or run a label & want to see your releases presented here?

to become a kompaktkiste supporter please do NOT send your records from abroad
to my address below anymore,
since i usually get an invoice attached, for vat & customs & flat fees, to pay upfront,
which i can't for unsolicited mail & will very likely refuse reception, sorry...

kompaktkiste, wolf kemker, langes feld 28, 30974 wennigsen, germany.
no records? say hello on a postcard :-)

• you found something you want to buy?

since this site shows my humble collection only, not everything is for sale of course.
anyway feel free to mail me and ask if i still have the item(s) of your desire and please always include a reasonable offer. thanks!
regular 'for sale' stuff from me you find in the kompaktkiste shop or on my pages @ discogs.

ps. of course i always keep everything i got sent as promo or support. no exceptions.
pps. all requests for 'copies' in whatever format will be ignored... no exceptions.

• you just want to give a virtual hug?

• you have any additional comments, corrections, suggestions, questions?


· ☰ kompaktkiste · top1000 · artists · labels · compilations · shop ·

· info · contact · datenschutz · impressum ·

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