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. klute .

. klute .



. the spectre - breakers / pattern .
(07.1998 partisan recordings part012) 12"
x  breakers
y  pattern 
both tracks written and produced by t. withers for klute productions
partisan012a partisan012b

. klute - casual bodies .
(11.1998 certificate 18 cert18cd003p) cd promo
01  00:02:00  07:04:27  faceless
02  07:06:27  06:53:45  out of silence
03  13:59:72  06:51:63  blitz
04  20:51:60  05:42:27  totem
05  26:34:12  06:28:35  blood rich
06  33:02:47  07:15:60  we believe
07  40:18:32  06:08:10  true human
08  46:26:42  07:02:55  talk luba
09  53:29:22  06:05:15  in the zone
10  59:34:37  05:35:60  arrival
11  65:10:22  06:26:53  secret love
cd  71:35:00
cert18cd003cdp1 cert18cd003cdp2 cert18cd003cdp5

. klute - the emperor's new clothes .
(us 07.2007 commercial suicide / breakbeat science brk2 30031.4-2 / 802043003129) 2xcd

01  00:02:00  06:37:18  we control the vertical
02  06:39:18  04:56:54  toiler
03  11:35:72  05:42:04  the struggle
04  17:18:01  06:15:09  never never
05  23:33:10  05:47:08  revolution
06  29:20:18  05:05:33  pissed jeans
07  34:25:51  05:53:50  shirtless
08  40:19:26  05:55:57  learning curve
09  46:15:08  07:20:39  flight 720
10  53:35:47  06:27:19  property is theft
11  60:02:66  03:18:47  outside
cd  63:19:38

01  00:02:00  07:21:29  174 bpm
02  07:23:29  05:27:06  freedom come
03  12:50:35  05:55:11  come back 2 me
04  18:45:46  04:48:03  sold out
05  23:33:49  05:52:18  'our leader'
06  29:25:67  09:13:02  hell hath no fury
07  38:38:69  05:50:06  why we fight
08  44:29:00  07:05:20  escape let go
09  51:34:20  05:49:54  there is a point
cd  57:21:74

brk23003142cd0 brk23003142cd3 brk23003142cd4 brk23003142cd51 brk23003142cd61 brk23003142cd52 brk23003142cd62 brk23003142cd1 brk23003142cd2 brk23003142txt1 brk23003142txt2

Breakbeat Science Releases Fifth Album by Legendary Drum'n'Bass Artist Klute
The Emperor's New Clothes US Version July 2007

(NEW YORK, NY) - Breakbeat Science is pleased to release the stateside version of Klute's fifth full-length album The Emperor's New Clothes. Klute is the primary recording alias of Tom Withers, a legendary UK drum'n'bass producer and DJ. He originally released the double-CD on his own label Commercial Suicide in April with the first disc dedicated to D'n'B and the second disc sporting techno. Breakbeat Science's US version is slightly different - 11 out of 12 D'n'B songs remain, only 4 out of 12 techno tunes remain, there's some new material and previous 12"-only tracks have been added. The Emperor's New Clothes hits US stores as a domestic release in July 2007. For more information on the label please visit http://www.breakbeatscience.com. To learn more about Klute please visit http://www.commercialsuicide.org and www.myspace.com/kluteuk.

"Experimental jungle producer Tom Withers is one of the more pigeonhole-proof of the London drum'n'bass set. Releasing tracks primarily as Klute his talent for composing the most relentlessly exploratory of tracks within the language of dancefloor drum'n'bass (as opposed to artful noodlers such as Plug, Mung, and Squarepusher) has played a role in pushing jungle. While somewhat classifiable as an am bient junglist himself, Withers' tracks flit about with such pace and contradiction as to distance his work from the more manageable output of artists such as Alex Reece and LTJ Bukem. While darkness constitutes an important component of many of his tracks (particularly his Certificate 18 and Octopus singles), it's often paired with a lighter, more dynamic thrust that gives his tunes an almost epic feel."   -- Sean Cooper, All-Music Guide

Previous to this much lauded and rebellious electronic career, Klute fronted the UK's semi-legendary, hardcore punk band The Stupids back in the '80s when he was still Tom Withers, as their drummer and vocalist - an apt schooling for a producer with this unique level of eclecticism. The Klute transformation came in the early '90s as he found his true mission and began releasing the singles that would define modern drum'n'bass. His early releases surfaced on Red Eye record shop's Deep Red label (under aliases such as Tom & Tom and Dr. Know). In 1995 - 96 he released two albums under the Override alias and around the same time appeared on Ninja Tune compilations. But it was his recordings under the Klute pseudonym on Certificate 18 that brought widespread attention. Ipswich, England's seminal Cert18 was already enjoying considerable success with artists such as Photek and Digital, so the label suited Wither's techno influences. Certificate 18 released his debut LP Casual Bodies in 1998, and Fear Of People followed in 2000. He's also had releases on benchmark dancefloor labels like Metalheadz, 31 Records and Hospital.

In 2001 he founded what would become one of the most influential labels in the world of drum'n'bass - Commercial Suicide. With his own label up and running Withers realized anything was possible - he released his own material, including tons of singles and the albums Lie, Cheat & Steal (2003) and No One's Listening Anymore (2005) while providing a network for an ever increasing new generation of like minded producers. Klute's label has seen releases by SKC, Amit, Break, Silent Witness, Chris Su, Tactile, Trace, Zero Tolerance, Beta2, Hive, Echo, John Tejada, Baron, Calibre, Total Science, Concord Dawn, Artificial Intelligence, Spirit, Digital, Illskillz, Bulletproof, Musta, Agent Alvin, Muffler, and Invaderz.

Always at the more melodic and cerebral end of the drum'n'bass spectrum, but inspired more by techno than jazz, Klute's tracks are equally suited to the dancefloor or the armchair. His two previous albums from '03 and '05 were also double CDs with one drum'n'bass disc and another of downtempo techno and breakbeat, and both received widespread acclaim in the drum'n'bass community. The track "Time 4 Change" from the latter album was the last tune played on-air by John Peel.


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