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. voluntary whores .

+ . feline/feral .

. http://www.voluntarywhores.de .

. voluntary whores .

. feline/feral .


. bears - i was a good hunter until that day... .
(10.2012 voluntary whores vowho001) mc
a  preparing for the night  29:52
b  killed before dawn  30:13
ltd. #18/40
vowho001mc5 vowho001mc7
vowho001mc1 vowho001mc2 vowho001mc3 vowho001mc4

. brume - 7 trumpets .
(12.2012 voluntary whores vowho002) mc
a  7 trumpets
b  7 trumpets
ltd. #xvx/lx
c.renou: instruments / tapes / voices / mix / master.
special thanks to pat blanch: voices, gerard guiggia: acoustic guitar.
comp. / rec. / mix & master at brume rec. studio, colleville montgomery, france.
vowho002mc5 vowho002mc7
vowho002mc1 vowho002mc2 vowho002mc3 vowho002mc4

. nogociella - quando cominciai a vomitare .
(01.2013 voluntary whores vowho003) mc
a1  moak      b1  mjuy
a2  zkii      b2  wizh
a3  warm      b3  flpo
a4  egko      b4  oogo
a5  diem      b5  yulz
ltd. #16/40
'puttane per beneficenza'
vowho003mc5 vowho003mc7
vowho003mc1 vowho003mc2 vowho003mc3 vowho003mc4 vowho003mc8 vowho003mc9

. mynoda - night bathing .
(02.2013 voluntary whores vowho004) mc
a  intro - born in the forest of herringbone
b  night bathing - outro
ltd. #58/70
mynoda is obozdur dn23rd shebuzz strup 1g0g (noises of russia)
noises from russia , belarus and pridnestrovie for voluntary whores.
front picture by sandra rothfuß in the misty fields of 'port of nowhere'.
vowho004mc5 vowho004mc7
vowho004mc9 vowho004mc0
vowho004mc6 vowho004mc1 vowho004mc2 vowho004mc3 vowho004mc4

. first we must deal with the light of nature and then with decency?
  - eating cum is safer than fucking jesus in the ass .

(03.2013 voluntary whores vowho005) mc
a  untitled
b  untitled
ltd. #13/50
sardinia, italy in 2012

vowho005mc5 vowho005mc6
vowho005mc7 vowho005mc0
vowho005mc1 vowho005mc2 vowho005mc3 vowho005mc4

. rudelbumsführer alois glotz - das privileg des bessergestellten .
(03.2013 voluntary whores vowho006) mc
a  auf der nudelsuppe dahergeschwommen
   was uns nicht umringt macht uns härter
   ausgestrampelter pfand
b  somebody here has a bad deo day
   der bad hersfelder ansich
   das privileg des bessergestellten
ltd. #39/50
all songs put together with a philharmonic orchestra by sascha schierloh in 2012.

vowho006mc5 vowho006mc6
vowho006mc8 vowho006mc7
vowho006mc1 vowho006mc2 vowho006mc3 vowho006mc4

. big city orchestra - 6 fairy tales .
(04.2013 voluntary whores vowho007) mc
a  introduction
   fairy tale one
   fairy tale two
   fairy tale three
b  fairy tale four
   fairy tale five
   fairy tale six
ltd. #7/120
www.ubuibi.org arranged and multiplied by das & ninah
vowho007mc5 vowho007mc54 vowho007mc6 vowho007mc51
vowho007mc7 vowho007mc0
vowho007mc1 vowho007mc2 vowho007mc3 vowho007mc4

. flutwacht - leichenlandschaft .
(06.2013 voluntary whores vowho008) mc
a1  05:40.04
a2  08:07.36
a3  09:49.73
a4  08:01.24
a5  02:14.09
a6  10:40.37
b1  16:20.23
b2  19:38.53
b3  03:54.24
b4  09:50.43
ltd. #12/70
all songs written by flutwacht in 2013
vowho008mc5 vowho008mc6
vowho008mc7 vowho008mc0
vowho008mc1 vowho008mc2 vowho008mc3 vowho008mc4

. wardrobe memories - the mean .
(07.2013 voluntary whores vowho009) mc
a1  central park 3012
a2  fairground cinema (last call 2am)
a3  radium lights (joseph's theme)
a4  jacob's secret (conference of the 5 chairmen)
a5  bad weather on the pine lane
a6  sandy is probably at home
a7  mona lisa overdrive
b1  theme from butcher's corner
b2  train to lincoln's end
b3  sandbox lovers
b4  ms carter's plant laboratory
b5  falling sky
b6  the long road to ropella district 4
b7  no time, next job
ltd. #35/48
the mean - a cyber soundtrack, written in year 3046
and brought to the present by a time machine accident.
vowho009mc5 vowho009mc6

vowho009mc7 vowho009mc0
vowho009mc1 vowho009mc2 vowho009mc3 vowho009mc4

. menthe de menthe - amore .
(09.2013 voluntary whores vowho010) mc
ltd. #3/50
vowho010mc5 vowho010mc6

vowho010mc7 vowho010mc0
vowho010mc1 vowho010mc2

. mama baer. - mitten im wald .
(12.2013 voluntary whores vowho011) mc
a1  khmerzen (1)  2:31
a2  khmerzen (2)  4:33
a3  khmerzen (3)  2:05
b1  for the maincontrol  9:12
ltd. #18/41
vowho011mc5 vowho011mc6

vowho011mc7 vowho011mc0
vowho011mc1 vowho011mc2

. kommissar hjuler & gui rong - erzaehlung der roten gaslampe .
(01.2014 voluntary whores vowho012) mc
a1  gamelan-stueck (1. version)  18:55
a2  hao guinii  0:46
a3  xiexie ma  1:05
a4  fuellstueck  1:32
a5  fuellstueck  0:53
a6  fuellstueck  1:31
a7  fuellstueck  1:09
b1  gamelan-stueck (2. version)  20:31
b2  hao guinii  0:46
b3  xiexie ma  1:05
b4  fuellstueck  1:15
b5  fuellstueck  1:25
b6  fuellstueck  0:55
ltd. #61/70
vowho012mc5 vowho012mc6

vowho012mc7 vowho012mc0
vowho012mc1 vowho012mc2

. wardrobe memories - the early years: 1999 & grand canyon tracks .
(02.2014 voluntary whores vowho013) 2xmc
a1  01
a2  04
b1  02
b2  03
    grand canyon tracks
c1  grand canyon monsune
c2  low panoramic heights
d1  moving rocks
d2  ghosts
ltd. #6/50
2x c60. (c)1999 schneetreiben. (c)2014 voluntary whores.

vowho013mc7 vowho013mc0
vowho013mc51 vowho013mc62 vowho013mc52 vowho013mc61
vowho013mc1 vowho013mc2 vowho013mc50 vowho013mc81 vowho013mc82

. chochos y moscas - the shake of fruit to come .
(03.2014 voluntary whores vowho014) mc
a01  asesino de naranjas cortaditas con azúcar y canela (oranges killer. cut with sugar and cinnamon)
a02  matando nísperos (killing loquats)
a03  empezando bien la semana, limoneros luneros (good starting week, monday lemons)
a04  me dijiste que eras de washington (you told me you were from washington)
a05  regalo de reyes para la mama, agua fresca de azahar (mama's christmas gift, fresh orange blossom water)
a06  limón en mi ojo (lemon in my eye)
a07  hasta el coño del otoño (have had it up to here with autumn)
a08  reunión en la lonja, rebelión en la caja (meeting at the market, rebellion in the box)
a09  no te pases con los melocotones que bastante tienen con estar en almíbar 
      (do not mess up with peaches, they have pretty much with being in syrup)
a10  los paraguayos son para los días que llueve mucho (donut peaches are for the days that it rains a lot)
a11  breva para mi, higo para ti (breva for me, fig for you)
a12  has dejado huella en mi papaya (you left your mark on my papaya)
b01  melones para tu pelo (melons for your hair)
b02  mandarinas, que dices de clementinas (tangerines, what are you saying about clementines)
b03  hijos de la fruta, buffet de gorila (sons of fruit, gorilla's buffet)
b04  los lichis, extraño extranjero (lychees, foreign stranger)
b05  tu a mi no me engañas, esos mangos no son tuyos (you do not fool me, these mangos are not yours)
b06  el día del día es sandía (the day of the day is watermelon)
b07  algoritmos frutales (fruit algorithms)
b08  dime te quiero, po toma boniato (tell me i love you, so take sweet potato)
b09  cereza vs picota, la batalla de las guindas (cherry vs cherry. battle of the cherries)
b10  recogiendo viveres, esclavizando nísperos (collecting foodstuffs, enslaving loquats)
b11  que coñazo comerte una granada, no tires de la anilla 
      (what a mess eating a pomegranate, don't pull the ring)
b12  tu a por mango y yo a tomar por culo (you go for mangos and i can piss off)
ltd. #47/50
recorded and mixed in sri-lanka by magnus ölsen and chochos y moscas.
. chochosymoscas.bandcamp.com . . facebook.com/chochosymoscasgrind .
vowho014mc6 vowho014mc5 vowho014mc0 vowho014mc1 vowho014mc2

. wardrobe memories - life after suicide .
(03.2015 feline/feral fefe01) 12"

a1  deal #1
a2  sibiria passway
a3  caroline
a4  border train
a5  new cells
a6  jonathan
b1  deal #2
b2  bleeding home
b3  red lights
b4  ms. coral
b5  this city never dies
b6  end titles

#181/200   voluntarywhores.de/felineferal
cover photography: sandra rothfuß
this record is meant to be played at low volume. please consider.


fefe01lp9 fefe01lpa fefe01lpb fefe01lp07

. wardrobe memories - life after suicide .
(03.2015 feline/feral fefe01) 12" transparent pink vinyl

a1  deal #1
a2  sibiria passway
a3  caroline
a4  border train
a5  new cells
a6  jonathan
b1  deal #2
b2  bleeding home
b3  red lights
b4  ms. coral
b5  this city never dies
b6  end titles

#190/200   voluntarywhores.de/felineferal
cover photography: sandra rothfuß
this record is meant to be played at low volume. please consider.


fefe01plp9 fefe01plpa fefe01plpb fefe01plpaa fefe01lp07

. wardrobe memories - swallow .
(24.06.2022 feline/feral fefe02) mc

ai    delete profile
aii   tangokol
aiii  no measuring of risk
biv   swallow
bv    agricopol
bvi   shijchel

#10/20 c50

fefe02mc7 fefe02mc8 fefe02mc0 fefe02mc5 fefe02mc6 fefe02mc1 fefe02mc2


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